Horse Warriorsaccepts donations of sound, younger (under 18) horses with good dispositions. Some of our horses are also on a long-term lease. Some are time-shared with their owners. Some are owned outright by us. We have many possibilities for incorporating horses into our program. We are always open to new horses, but need to consider the financial burden as well. All of the horses we have in he program are exceptionally well cared for while in our possession. We operate a regular program of deworming, annual board certified equine dentistry, trimming, shoeing, exercise, vaccinations when necessary, and essential vet care. We do not use horses who exhibit unsoundness. If a horse seems "off" we substitute another horse for the time period needed to restore soundness. Our horses are kept in herd situations, out in pastures, not confined in small pens. We can not take foundered horses because of our pasture board situations.

Some of our horses have come to us with histories of abuse. We take the time needed to build trust between the horse and humans. We do not take horses that are unsafe, but we have had some wonderful successes with upper level students helping horses back into a place where they can happily and safely be part of the program.










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